EME Deal Advisory Trusted Party Suite of Services

Getting Started in Japan is a Lot Easier with a Trusted, Knowledgeable Partner

Japan is a huge but tough market. It really helps if you have a consulting partner who knows the market and has proven skills in building dozens of businesses here over the last 27 years. Japan Inc. Holdings is just such a company, dealing with more than 20 market entry projects a year.

As part of the Japan Door platform, our market entry and operations services are designed to be delivered either sequentially as part of a complete market entry project, or to be decoupled and delivered independently. In this way, you have the flexibility to choose other vendors that you may already know, while using the Japan Door services to fill in the gaps.

Our Services Suite – Offering Flexibility and Granularity, to Ensure that Your Deal Not Only Goes Through But Yields Strong Returns

This basic market entry service that helps find you distributors or partners, or to research the market so that you can establish your own fully controlled operation. Most clients opt for a distributor because it is quicker, cheaper, and more convenient. However, while those are strong advantages, there are also some disadvantages. As part of this service, we spend time outlining to your management team what your strategic options are and what the ramifications will be – all from a practical, business viewpoint that reflect our many years executing in-house ventures and our experiences from those. We believe that this high-level but highly pragmatic input significantly differentiates us from our competitors.

Note: We can also tailor the service for general trade enquiries that may not require a full market entry program. Please enquire for details.

Deal Advisor
This advanced consulting service that helps you close your deal once you have found suitable candidates. After all the work of finding a partner or distributor, the real challenge is not in getting a deal over the goal line, it’s in getting a “good” deal that will bear long-term value for your company. The fact is that many foreign firms spend so much energy finding a partner/distributor that they fail to convert the opportunity into a proper deal. Instead, we recommend you apply at least some of your investment to ensure that your firm is getting the best price, the greatest commitment, and adequate future control to ensure that things go the way they should.

Another crucial role of the Deal Advisor is with large firms. It seems to be a law of physics that the bigger the Japanese firm, the more likely it is that internal politics will de-rail what should be a perfectly good match. Based on our experience in raising funds for start-up companies, our Deal Advisor service is a “deep dive” involvement that has us working closely with your prospective partner/distributor, making sure that you are talking with the right people and discovering just what the politics are and what to be careful of or to push for.

Trusted Party
This follow-on service is for companies that want to continue having some control over what goes on in Japan, rather than simply letting a distributor take the reins then crossing your fingers. We offer a variety of services, but all have a common purpose of letting you stimulate your market while at the same time monitoring the results.

Market stimulation may take the form of early-stage sales of your products/services in Japan alongside the distributor, so as to gain early first-hand experience of what the consumer reactions are and potentially to build such user feedback into the products/services. It’s also an opportunity to lead a horse to water, and to “addict” your distributor/partner with the revenues flowing from your involvement and thus reduce the likelihood of their getting distracted with something else.

Monitoring can take many forms, but mostly our services operate at a number of different levels. Firstly we can provide a “front office” service whereby we maintain some form of representation for your business in Japan. This can extend to operating an in-country business for you that works alongside the distributor/partner to visit clients, work on development of new products/services, and to ensure the proper use of licences, technology, brand, etc.

Secondly there are the “back office” services. These may include a nominee director to keep an eye on the appointee CEO and other senior executives in your joint venture or independently owned operation, and to vet plans being proposed by such managers to your senior team at Head Quarters. Think of our person as an inside but neutral third-party advisor who will help you understand what the Japanese proposals might mean.

Following up from a nominee director, there are various administrative levels that help ensure controls and procedures at a global level are carried out properly within Japan. Generally provided as a labor-based contract or through fully outsourced staff, these functions can include accounting engineering, recruiting, legal, software development, marketing, and other services.
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