EME Deal Advisory Trusted Party Services Stack

From Hard Experience We Have Learned That Market Entry Doesn’t Come in a Conveniently Wrapped Package

So because of that, we have separated out our services into digestible stages that allow you decide what you need from us and when you need it. This keeps the cost of market entry manageable and gives you the flexibility to bring in other friends and vendors to help get a deal done.

3 main stages: Partner search, Deal advice, Post-contract support
EME finds more distributors
Deal Advisory creates better deal terms
Trusted Party provides stronger control over partner relationship


Every project is different, but independent of holidays:
  • EME candidate identification and approach takes around 3 months if the product is in demand in Japan, and 6 months if we have to create a sales pitch to make it desirable
  • Deal work typically has a slow start and a quick finish
    • Contract review and close is about 4-6 weeks, especially if contracts are in English

Note: Shortest timeframe shown – projects may take longer.

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