What is Japan Door?

Japan Door is a Market Entry and Operations Support service platform, providing everything you need to get sales and revenue in Japan
3 main stages: Partner search, Deal advice, Post-contract support
  • Structured approach to finding a Japan partner based on working the whole market
  • Deal advice based on your circumstances/needs (e.g., cash flow versus asset accumulation)
  • Post-contract support allows you to have low-cost, trusted oversight of your interests in Japan
How long?
  • 3-6 months to find and choose partner
  • 3-6 months to sign contracts and start revenue flow

Benefits of Japan Door versus our competitors

Benefits of Japan Door versus our competitors
  • Services available individually or as a turn-key solution – no lock in
  • Core team of consultants with entrepreneurial experience and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Predefined pricing, guaranteed approach and process, high rate of success
  • Full range of business advice to empower your non-Japanese team
  • Continuity after contracts are signed, providing wide range of follow-on, value-enhancing services
Why work the whole market?
Some market entry specialists talk about the connections they have in Japan, but since they naturally only know a few companies well, they will try to shoehorn you into those channels. Instead, we not only work our network of connections, agents, and partners, we also engage in outreach campaigns (phone, email, trade shows, and direct visits) to cover dozens (usually 15-30) companies to find you a match. This helps you get a wider and fuller range of potential partners, with no strings attached, and ensures that your deal is competed for and is fully priced.

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